• "This remarkable book is a testament to the healing powers of America’s wild places."

    -Slaton L. White

    Field & Stream contributing editor

    An outdoor memoir by TLM CEO Kris Millgate

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    From first word...

    The whole is the sum of its parts and that's the best way to describe Kris Millgate's Tight Line Media. Millgate formed TLM more than a decade ago to capitalize on her life's experience in broadcast journalism.

    Millgate is successful at audience engagement because her compelling story lines draw from her industry-unique perspective. Millgate's work provides a 360-degree view around the camera. She's worked for large networks like Fox News and local affiliates like WSIL-TV in addition to coverage for various other media outlets. Millgate is a producer, writer, videographer, photographer, editor and gear hauler. As if that's not enough, she's also an on-camera personality and public speaker.

    Millgate is a storyteller, which is why Tight Line Media creates and executes messages that hit the mark. She masterfully navigates complicated issues that require precision just as easily as she covers general interest subjects.

    Clients and audiences love Tight Line Media’s visual productions and so do Millgate’s peers. Tight Line Media's film The Fix is touring with the Wild and Scenic Film Festival this year. Tight Line Media made National Geographic's Top 10 Wild to Inspire list with OPEN in 2014. Millgate won the Idaho Outstanding Service Award for Wildlife Conservation in 2013 and Best Outdoor Story in the nation in 2012 for Elk Whisperer.

    When your project calls for hard-hitting, emotionally engaging and insightful storytelling, call Tight Line Media.

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    About Kris Millgate
    Outdoor Journalist

    No two days are alike for Tight Line Media founder Kris Millgate.

    Some days she camps out in an edit bay creating award-winning films. Other days she hikes into the wilderness to collar grizzly bears, count bald eagles and catch native fish all with camera in tow.

    Every subject has to be interesting enough for her to sacrifice the physical and mental effort required to capture the scene. It's the reason she and Tight Line Media win awards.

    With nearly a quarter century of storytelling, Millgate traverses the country in search of stimulating and engaging topics. She researches issues thoroughly then translates core elements via video, photo and words with professional skills that demand audience.

    She's also fly fisher, trail runner and youth hockey coach. In every pursuit, Millgate’s determination is relentless.

    Contact Millgate at info@tightlinemedia.com

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